Siddown! You're getting into that buggy!
Siddown! We have got to get gone!
We're ten minutes late, already -
Siddown! I have things to get done!

Get up! You can't sit on the footpath!
Get up! You can't climb on that chair!
I don't have the time to play bloodbath -
Get up! You've just sat on my hair!

Siddown! I am putting your socks on.
Siddown! Now we need to be quiet.
The library is meant for reading.
Siddown! You are starting a riot!

Get up, darling, come over to mama.
Sit down, love, and we'll have a hug.
I don't mean to go so bananas -
Lie down, for a rug-snuggle-bug.
This is what happens, my baby, my love;
This is what happens, you see,
When you refuse your potatoes and meat
And subsist on . . . broccoli.

A moment's delight, a mealtime of pleasure,
Of face-stuffing, tooth-gnashing joys -
And then round about midnight, the baby wakes crying,
And making a deflating noise.


Feb. 10th, 2005 04:32 pm
Grow big! Grow strong! For I gave you the world
When you reached for it with your baby hands.
Grow big! Grow strong! And walk, my girl;
May your strong little feet know many lands.

Grow big! Grow strong! Grow loved and secure
As you are when you lie in my arms at home.
Grow big! Grow strong! And grow so self-sure
That you never need fear just to be alone.

Grow big! Grow strong! Let the whole world know
That the love of Linnea is full of charm.
Grow big! Grow strong! And grow old, grow old.
Let the sum of your life be more joy than harm.
Her bottom is pink and her toes are red,
We've washed all the vegetables off of her head,
And now she is getting ready for bed -
O what a beautiful girl!


Dec. 28th, 2004 08:37 pm
Suckle the air, little baby,
Suckle the sky -
And when there's no milk, little baby,
Wake up and cry.
When you stand up in the bath
And hold on to the side
It's better not to jump too much
Lest the floor should slide

Remember that the water's wet
And you should be breathing air
So when you try to lick the plug
Please take a little care

The non-slip fish that line the base
Are there for your protection
They're not for eating, or for toys
Though they make good decoration

The biggest toys you have in there
Are parents, brave and true,
Reaching wildly through the waves
To catch a hold of you
What are your hands doing, darling?
You're awfully puzzled - what's up?
Ah - it's finally coming together,
And you're learning at last how to clap!

That one worked - and that one - and that one -
But now you've your fingers all bent
And there's no noise as they're coming together
And your patience is just about spent

But just as the wailing's about to begin
A sudden, mysterious noise
Like the sound of applause
From those delicate paws
And the infant's regaining her poise.
Let me wipe your little nose,
And rub your little chest.
You can wipe it on my clothes,
I'm sure baby knows best.

Let me give you medicine
To cool your fever off,
Or maybe let me duck the spray
As it's spattered by a cough.

Let me rock you, crooning gently,
As your cries rock the street
And I grow frailer ment'ly
With every aching beat.

Let me hold you in my arms
As your nose and eyes are runny
So the smears of grime run down your face
And all across my tummy -

Let me feed you milk and water
Lest you dehydrate,
And let me clear your nose, my daughter,
In case you suffocate.

Let me cough myself but duck
So's not to cough on you
And let me sneeze and wheeze and blow my nose
From three am to two -

But let me first try menthol
On a hankie near your bed
So that maybe you can sleep it off,
This cold of chest and head.

Let me nurse you through this cold
And make you good and better,
Then I'll be ill in my own time
And we'll hope for better weather.
Don't munch on the armchair, my plumpkin.
Don't nibble the sofa, I pray!
I'm sure we can excavate something
Hygienic to teethe on today --
Don't touch! Ah-ah, darling, that's dirty!
No, no, that's a very yuck toy!
Yes, I'm sure - yes, it's perfectly lovely,
But unsuitable food for a boy!

This rattle, I think, may be cleaner,
Or how about this rubber ring?
The other mums say I'm a dreamer,
But it's early days yet to give in.
Ickle diddums! Take it out of your mouthie!
Now give it to mama - ta-ta!
It's a piece of the old bathroom grouting...
No! Nasty! Dirty! Ah-ah!

I'm pretty sure this one is sterile -
I washed it myself just last week.
The bacteria aren't that virile;
They're turning their third "other cheek".
Just lunch on the mud, little lady;
We'll breakfast on spiders and slugs
Because no-one can convince a baby
That it ought to cavil at a bug.



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