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Oct. 18th, 2017 12:19 am
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I finished An Unsuitable Heir, which is the last of a trilogy by KJ Charles. m/m, historic romance, also murder mystery with a missing heir. I liked it a lot.

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Tuesday: I managed to get out to the post office and send out three things.
A small pen-knife a friend found in her pocket before a flight, which I took and promised to mail to her.
A bread-maker baking tin, which I ordered and sent onwards, as the people selling it were not shipping to Israel. My parents' bread-maker that they bought in Israel but somehow getting a replacement part for it to Israel was impossible.
A drawing of a bunny I made as part of Inktober. A friend saw it on twitter and asked if I was selling prints. I said I could do a deal on the original. By which I meant: I have too low energy to organise a print. So I have sent that out.


On Saturday I went with the beloved and with Derek to an evening of comedy and song : Midnight Apothecary Goes Down the Shaft hosted by Tricity Vogue on ukulele (with guest, Matthew Floyd Jones, at the grand piano). It was at the Brunel Museum.
It was described very glamorous on the website: - so much so , it was almost intimidating - but as it was, only the beloved and Derek were even wearing waistcoats. (🎵I was all dressed in black , we were all dressed up in black.🎵)

There was tasty food- greek-style wraps with beef or with feta. There were many and various cocktails, and even a couple of mocktails, (and also glasses and water freely available to drink, which I like)

At a roof-top garden there was a bonfire and pointy sticks and a steady supply of marshmallows to roast, And lit torches all around. I was glad it was a clear night and not raining. At one point someone came up and asked for a light for a cigarette, then used a torch to light it.

There were bars providing drinks both at the rooftop garden, and at the bottom of the shaft, where the performance was, (the stage and the grand piano and the speakers and the projector, which was useful for lyrics for the singalong.

Tricity Vogue was charming and funny and full of innuendo, I enjoyed it very much.
I like this photo because the silhouette on the wall matches levels of double-entendre that were bandied about.

Also I got to be introduced and say hello, because Derek knows Ms. Vogue. Then I got shy and ran away.

Memo to self: the Brunel Museum is quite easy to get to. (Jubilee line to Canada Water, Overground to Rotherhite)


When the beloved and I got home, Shadow, next-door's cat, was waiting on our doormat. We opened the door and he came in for a visit. He's a beautiful cat, but mostly he's inquisitive and friendly and charming and he climbed on me and tried to get up my nose, and he climbed on the beloved, and he was so affectionate and we have fallen in love with this cat.

At one point he fell asleep snuggled on the sofa between me and the beloved, and I tried to get a photo of it, but between us both wearing black and Shadow being a black cat, the charm of the moment did not come through.

When the next-door neighbours came home from their night out, Shadow ran to the door, and I let him out and knocked on their door, and he went back home.

To do, ta da

Oct. 14th, 2017 12:33 am
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 Ta da
On Friday I...
- Got out of bed to eat dinner, which is EVERY DAY THIS WEEK
- Played a tabletop game with the children
- Started planning how to have a stash of sensible food in the house in case of floods, snow, Brexit etc
- Supervised children through housework including making them understand that this is a necessary contribution to the well-being of the family
- Ate and drank properly all day
- Remembered morning and evening meds/supplements

To do
This weekend we must:
- Get bedding to laundry service
- Collect co-op food order
- Clean house (subtasks to be determined)
- Print Autism talk for Thursday
- Make meal plan and shopping list
- Shower and hair washing for everyone
- Paint or draw

This week I hope to:
- Paint or draw or write or sew
- Finish elasticating the hem on a rain cover for my mobility scooter
- Help Rob and a professional declutter in the attic cupboards
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My very own own Senator Ed Markey, along with California Congressman Ted Lieu, has created a bill that would require authorization from Congress (either as a declaration of war or the more-common- of-late authorization of force) before a nuclear strike.

This is a wonderful bill, as it both addresses certain Trumpian problems, /and also/ reinforces that Congress is, actually, the branch that was given the power to declare war in the Constitution. This is a thing that has been taken out of their hands for a long time, which is a problem, separation of powers-wise. (The last declared war? 1942, against some Axis allies.)

I mean, also, I really truly don't think that our current president is the best person to have that kind of unalloyed power in the hands of, but that's only one reason for being so glad about this bill. (It is probably many other people's reason.)

Anyway, it's HR 699/S 200. (House/Senate version. House text.)

If you are so inclined, call your Senators and Congressfolk to urge them to pass it. (202) 224-3121, or use Resistbot. (Text the word "resist" to 50409 to begin.)

Rachelmanijia (who is spearheading this) has more info, a script, and other ideas here, and the campaign is hashtagging it up at #PullTheFootball, if you're Twitter-inclined.

If you're not American, feel free to share the info around anyway; the more folks who get this info, the better.

Book: Heavy by Derek Des Anges

Oct. 8th, 2017 04:26 am
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Finished 'Heavy' by Derek Des Anges.

I liked it a lot. I was surprised and happy that it had a hopeful sort of ending.
Given the dark things that happen in the book.

I liked the very distinct character voices, the pull of the story wanting to see what happens to them, the way people grow and change. The dark humour. The way it had poetic streaks once in a while. The way the world was big and had many and varied people in it.

It starts with a feel that reminds me of 1984, which is both a good book and a book I like. It has in it men who were boys who endured a Lord-of-the-Flies like situation. It goes deeper and wider than that: it is a large and interesting world.

I did pause in the middle and went to read a bit of gay erotic romance for fluff, because I got worried for the characters and I needed a bit of a break.

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a meme of questions

Oct. 6th, 2017 11:10 pm
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Gotten from a few different people, because why not?

Actually, it's less questions and more statements that you respond to, but the point is, words.

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Oct. 5th, 2017 05:43 am
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I did go to the lgbtq tour of the V&A!
I was disappointed that a statue of Mr Stabby - Pierce - I mean St. Sebastian was not included.
But there was an Antinous.

It was interesting and entertaining. And again, lots of walking.

There was an idea of going dancing later that day, but after I got home and sat down, when I got up I discovered that my feet hurt. So I did not go dancing.


This week I attended the Phoenix pub at Cavendish square twice, for two different evenings of comedy:

On Tuesday, Distraction Club with Mitch Benn and the Distractions, and lots of afpers. In the 2nd interval Mitch Benn asks for suggestions of news stories, I had the one about Scotland voting to ban fracking in my mind, as it had been talked about that day, and as it was a positive story. And since people didn't shout out a third story, and since I was in the second row - that is, close enough to be heard - I shouted it out. One: some people cheered at this news. Two: the song was entirely built around that, with a comedy scottish accent and short mentions of the other news stories.
(The beloved pointed out that it was the one happy news story, I said it was just fun to sing "There'll be no fucking fracking 'round here").
There were many and various acts. I especially enjoyed Flo and Joan, who I do not remember having seen before. Here is a song of theirs called Save the Bees on youtube.
Wait, there's a more slickly produced one here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JpH3Hud32w

There was Andrew O'neill and he annoyed me, mostly because he did a song mocking 'Instagram Witches', which is both, what, how prevalent and/or harmful is it that it needs mocking, and two, even if it is that popular, wow, mocking a thing that young women do, how terribly interesting and not at all falling into sexist clichés.
But also I know a couple of women who enjoy a sort of aesthetic which might be called that? and I felt kind of defensive on their behalf.

There were Johnny and the Baptists as surprise last minute guests, and they were good and funny.


There was the Pun Run, which was in aid of charity this time. A gardening mental-health charity.
It was fun and Bec Hill had her amazing flipcharts - they are full of visual puns and they are hilarious. One featured the scary clown from IT, and I thought "she got that done fast", and then she said, on stage, that she'd made it three years ago, and she's really happy it's relevant again.

There were many comedians and it was fun and funny. I'd say would you like to come with me, next time? But only about 6 people read journal websites nowadays, and some of them are not even in London. Maybe next time the beloved will not be on call and will be okay to be in a basement that only gets unreliable wifi for a couple of hours.


On the way home, at the tube station, there was a poster advertising a horror film. There are quotes praising how scary it is, a picture of people looking like they are going camping, heading into a dark forest, and a tag-line: "They should have gone to Vegas" .

There was a mass shooting in Vegas this week, a man shot into crowds and ~50 people died and hundreds were wounded. It is not a good time for this tagline. Poor little tagline, it was doing its best.

I am reading 'Heavy' by Derek Des Anges. 43% through the book, suddenly there are powered exoskeletons. It is surprising and intriguing. I would say it makes me worried for the main characters, but everything has me worried for them. It's set in that kind of world.

The start of the book feels a lot like the book '1984' to me. And it has people in it who are post a 'Lord-of-the-Flies' experience.
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