Yo! I'm a breastfeeding mama!
Man, I am proud of my boobs!
You don't need to look 'less you wanna -
You can't see 'em while they're in use.
Hammery mammary
Lumpen and heavily
Sagging and dragging
But what can you do?

Breast-friendly underwear
Is often expensive
Almost invariably
Not cotton, too.
Fat baby hands are pulling at my buttons
Fat baby hands are cold upon my skin
Fat baby hands are burrowing in my clothes
Fat baby hands are shouting "Hungry! Let me in!"

Hold your hand out flat, and then fold your fingers up -
This means Milk, and Milk means Grub.
Lean a long way over and point a baby finger -
This means "That! You've got my dinner!"

Warm baby mouth is trying to suck a bra-strap
Warm baby mouth could get blood from a bone
Warm baby mouth has sharp baby teeth in
Warm baby mouth proving "This is mine alone."

Try not to squeeze her, because she's just a baby
Try not to hug her until she just goes POP
Try not to shout out how very much you love her
Try not to think about the day breastfeeding stops.


Dec. 28th, 2004 08:37 pm
Suckle the air, little baby,
Suckle the sky -
And when there's no milk, little baby,
Wake up and cry.
In the middle of the night
If I call to her just right
Mammy feeds me, just for fun,
And loves me when the feeding's done,
And we play at patting faces
And at baby girl embraces
And at smiling at each other -
I grin for smiling from my mother -
And at last she makes me rest
Because it's really for the best
But secretly, she'd rather play
If she wasn't sensible today.
This is the way I climb my Dad:
Hands and feet, hands and feet.
This is the reason I climb my Dad:
He might give me milk to eat.

This is the way I climb my Mam:
Hands and feet, hands and feet.
This is the reason I climb my Mam:
Dad has got no milk to eat.



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