Daddy walks out the door and turns and smiles
So she waves bye-bye Daddy
Then she walks out the door to him
Carefully carefully down the sill
And confident, sure, to the kerb
And down again carefully, across the road
And all along the street we go -
Hippetty hoppitty hippetty hop!

Stopping for chewing gum stuck to the path
And interesting bricks in the walls
And cigarette butts all covered in grass
And even occasional falls.

So adult and baby and grown-up and young
And it's hard to believe that soon she will be one.

That cat

Mar. 10th, 2005 08:18 pm
She was crying, so I upside-downed her,
And dangled her over the cat,
And, safely distracted, she giggled,
And clearly and loudly said "Cat."

I thought it must be a mishearing -
Pride of a mother gone mad,
But she said it again while she chased it
And again while I talked to her Dad.

The C-sound is a little unwieldy,
But the meaning is def'nitely there,
Because she only says it in context -
My legs wobble. I need a chair.
Month by month she's growing up:
Walking shoes and sippy cup.
Highchair, cot with lowered base,
Calloused knees and safety gates,
Teething ring and baby gym,
Spoons for spooning solids in.

First cry, first smile, first laugh, first noise,
First clothes, first grasp, first book, first toys,
First time of sickness, first getting well,
First startle, first small tale to tell -
First change, first bath, first swimming pool,
First love, first kiss, first day at school,
First noon, first midnight, first day of rest,
First girl is first at being best.
Linnea Collier
Walking enthusiast
All over everyone
Tummies and toes

Linnea Collier
She can't tell who she missed
So she will give them all
Another go
Close your eyes, close the door,
You don't have to worry any more.
I'll be your baby tonight.

See the light, see the plate,
See all the food I just ate.
I'll be your baby tonight.

Well, that big ole spoon's gonna sail away,
We're gonna forget it.
That big, full spoon is gonna shine like the moon,
But we're gonna let it,
You won't regret it.

Kick your shoes off, do not fear,
Bring that bottle over here.
I'll be your baby tonight.

(She leaned way back in her comfy seat
And on the table she placed her feet.
In her hand was a wet rice cake
And it'll still be there when she's awake).


Feb. 1st, 2005 09:47 pm
My baby is going to start walking
She now does five steps at a time
She's wobbly going 'round corners
But she's ok with just a straight line
Four or five steps and she's walking
She knows what she's doing, she's sure
She stumbles and falls, but she knows where she's going
And my heart

Fat baby hands are pulling at my buttons
Fat baby hands are cold upon my skin
Fat baby hands are burrowing in my clothes
Fat baby hands are shouting "Hungry! Let me in!"

Hold your hand out flat, and then fold your fingers up -
This means Milk, and Milk means Grub.
Lean a long way over and point a baby finger -
This means "That! You've got my dinner!"

Warm baby mouth is trying to suck a bra-strap
Warm baby mouth could get blood from a bone
Warm baby mouth has sharp baby teeth in
Warm baby mouth proving "This is mine alone."

Try not to squeeze her, because she's just a baby
Try not to hug her until she just goes POP
Try not to shout out how very much you love her
Try not to think about the day breastfeeding stops.
Sleeping with breaths almost too soft to hear
And tugging at teething pains in her ear
Or standing and bouncing, her legses splayed wide
With a toy in each hand and a hand at each side
Or kneeling, feet folded so neatly beneath,
Or chomping the toothpaste as I brush her teeth -
She's exhuberant, charming, relaxing, and sweet,
And if I had her energy I'd . . .
                                         I'd . . .
                                              I'd sleep.

(Quite old)

Jan. 9th, 2005 08:59 pm
A marvellous child is Linnea
We take her each Tuesday and weigh her
She grows and she grows
From her head to her toes
And there isn't a way to delay her
In the night when bad things wake you
There are always Daddy's arms
There to hold you and to take you
Far away from fear and harm

There to bring you to the bed
And lay you down by Mammy's head

There to hold you as he walks
And softly and ceaselessly, soothingly talks

There to cup your head in hands
That have carried you in many lands

There in Ireland, Sweden, home
So you will never be alone.
I almost remember a night in hospital
When she was less than five days old
And we sat in the night in the dark on the ward
And looked at each other, and looked at each other, and looked at each other.

I almost remember the morning I woke
The first day I woke as a mother
And saw her eyes in her crib beside my hospital bed
And she looked at me, and looked at me, and looked at me.

I almost remember the day she was born
And the noise and the lights and the crowds
And I almost remember that I first heard her voice
And we looked at her, looked at her, looked at her

And then they took her away.
She rises high in triumph
Her banner held aloft -
A nice piece of banana
Moist and somewhat soft.

She declaims to the cutlery
Makes speeches at the spoons
And informs both parents calmly
That we are amusing loons.

Her pose is so majestic,
Her manner so grown up,
That we can't believe she's only
A mucky, mucky pup.
Linnea Collier covered in broccoli,
Eating a bowl of potatoes and goo -
Linnea Collier likes to make epicures
Queasy and nervous, but what can you do?
My baby is trying to kill me
She really does want me quite dead
She's bitten my legs all the way up
And she's trying to grape-press my head.

My baby grabbed hold of my earlobes
And leaned in and bit off my nose
And then when I tickled her tummy
She broke 22 of my bones.

My baby is friendly and eager
And her nails are kept clean and sharp
So that as she gallops towards me
She can cut all the way to my heart.
This is the six-o'clock a-dah! A-dah!
Sounds of toys collapsing Go! Dada!
In the House of Commons, this afternoon,
With seven Dadadadadada! Da! Goo! Thah!

Because of the civil war
Sounds of paper shredding all women.
Unless absolutely necessary, citizens are asked
A-dah! Goo gaga! Dooo! Ugh ugh ugh.
We're eating out! And so you see
I've balanced lunch upon my knee.
I've got a box of plastic spoons
(Now mainly scattered 'bout the room)
And a pack of moistened wipes
(Now dirty, and stuffed out of sight).
I've opened a jar, endured the looks
From parents and organic cooks,
And bibbed the baby - bibbed her twice:
One keeps her dry, and one keeps her nice.
I've checked no-one I know is near
And hollered "Choo-choo!" in her ear.
I've ducked and dived, done the two-spoon-swap,
And fed her pelican-bib slop.
I've crumbled crackers, spooned puree,
But what I haven't done today
Is eaten out.
Straight back
Straight feet
Straight neck
Straight toes

Round arms
Round cheeks
Round legs
Round nose

Warm hands
Warm skin
Warm cuddle
Baby's in
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