When Mammy gets sick, I don't see her much
We rely on feeding to keep us in touch
And Daddy tries hard, but he's just not the same -
Which is good, because he doesn't know that I'm tame.

When Mammy gets sick, I can do what I like;
Daddy tries to clean house but it puts up a fight,
Because I am a dismantling imp of a child
And I react to neglect by becoming quite wild.

When Mammy gets sick, Daddy lies on the floor,
And he hides in the hallway and peeps through the door,
And he lets me climb over him, which I just adore,
But I think I prefer Mammy not-sick much more.


Feb. 9th, 2005 10:58 pm
Every fibre of her being shouted "Up, up, up!
'Cause I want to see what's in my Mammy's cup, cup, cup!
And I want to eat what's on my Mammy's plate, plate, plate,
And if she's finished it already I'm too late, late, late!"
I woke up early for breakfast
And woke up for breakfast again
And downstairs once more I had breakfast
From Daddy with spoons - oh, and then
I went for a push in my pushchair,
And saw Daddy off on the way,
And made friends while Mammy bought dinner -
That's the first thing that I did today.

I climbed up some steps in the cafe
And charmed a young man off his chair
And I screamed when my mum changed my nappy -
I think that was all I did there.
While Mammy walked home, I was sleeping
And I slept all the long, boring way
Because I had to conserve my resources
For the fun I intended, today.

I woke up again at my lunchtime.
And Mammy thought it would be nice -
To start of with milk, before solids,
And peaches, so I had lunch twice.
Afterwards I had a rampage,
A cavort, a maraud, and a play,
Then Mammy brought boxes of new things,
So this was my new thing, today:

They didn't seem terribly tasty
And they didn't make very much noise
If I rubbed them on paper, the colours
Seemed to suggest they were toys.
I managed to bite a big lump off,
So Mammy took that one away.
But I was sitting up in my highchair -
I learned about Drawing today!

I watched at the window for Daddy.
He comes home after it gets dark
And I like to watch at the window
As much as the swings in the park.
I grinned and I beat on my Mammy
When Daddy made it home ok,
And I got big hugging and playing
After Daddy came back home today.

Mammy seemed terribly tired
Though I'm sure I don't understand why -
I feel social, relaxed, and quite lively
So I thought she might wake, to a cry.
I played dinner with Daddy, like always,
And then in the bath made great play
Of washing the walls and the ceiling -
They got very well washed, today.

Before bedtime, they both got quite manic -
It made me quite tired to see
But they did it just for my amusement
With puppets and tickles and glee.
I had a last feed from my Mammy
And then Daddy took me away
To fall asleep rocked on his shoulder -
And that's all that I did today.


Jan. 16th, 2005 06:54 pm
I'm trying to tell you I'm thirsty.
I'm not feeling tired or cold.
My nappy is not wet or dirty.
Why won't you admit you've been told?

I'm telling you, I just want water.
I don't want a toy or a cake.
I want a big drink. I'm your daughter.
How long does this "telling" thing take?

You're listening to me, I know it.
I can see that you're wondering why
You don't understand, though I show it -
I cry, and I cry, and I cry.
In the middle of the night
If I call to her just right
Mammy feeds me, just for fun,
And loves me when the feeding's done,
And we play at patting faces
And at baby girl embraces
And at smiling at each other -
I grin for smiling from my mother -
And at last she makes me rest
Because it's really for the best
But secretly, she'd rather play
If she wasn't sensible today.

Da da da? Da da? Dad dad dad da!
Unh unh unh unh gnh.
Mmm? Aaah ahhhhh ehh uhhh...
Unh nnnf gnngh, ghgh ghugh!

What's that? Is it mine? It's exciting!
I'm going to fetch it, I am!
The floor looks very inviting...
I'll cross it as, quick as I can!

Ya dadada! Yadada! Daah daw dwaaw?
Nnng uh uh uh uh uh ung hnng.
Mimmimmimmimmimmimmimmimm -

I'm having a bath now - it's raining?
I bet if I try I'll climb out.
The duck's fleeing, but me, I am gaining -
Now this is what life's all about.

Dad dad dad! Dad dad. Dad dad dad.
Urrrr! urrr urr eeee urr urr.
Gah da gah dah dah gaw gah dadada!
Da da da DA dada DA!

It's Daddy! It's Mammy. They're lovely.
They feed me the very best yum.
The spoons spoons spoon spoons spoons spoons yummy!
Just LOOK at me growing my TUM!

This is the way I climb my Dad:
Hands and feet, hands and feet.
This is the reason I climb my Dad:
He might give me milk to eat.

This is the way I climb my Mam:
Hands and feet, hands and feet.
This is the reason I climb my Mam:
Dad has got no milk to eat.


Dec. 1st, 2004 09:48 pm
Pureed anything
What's this? Should I hit it or squash it?
What's this? Do you think it's a toy?
Perhaps I can drink it or splash it -
Anyway, I can enjoy.

What's this? Is it dinner or breakfast?
What's this? Is it what they call rain?
Maybe it's making my mouth fresh -
I wish they would do it again!

A cloth book
What's this? It's not much good for teething.
What's this? It feels very like clothes.
Maybe it's useful for breathing;
I can't get it all up my nose.
When I wake up there's a Daddy,
And then there's a Mammy too
And then there's a feed and a cuddle
And lots to see and do

But first I have my breakfast
All over the kitchen chairs
And then I have my face washed
And my ears, and my hands, and my hair

And then they clean my chair up
And because I'm soaked right through
They take all of my clothes off
(Then there's lots to see and do!)

I have a roundy rattle
I can hit it on the shelf
And I have a set of building blocks
That I use to hit myself

There's a baby in the mirror
And my plastic cups are blue
And I still have my very own building blocks -
There's lots to see and do.

I have a set of fences
So that I can stand
And walk around the room
Hand over hand over hand

I climb on piles of cushions
And up on people too
Mammy sits on the floor for me
There's lots to see and do

I sit beside the window
And stare up at the sky
And if I'm lucky there's a pussy
Sometimes passing by

When I wake up there's a morning
All clean, unused and new
Waiting for me to fill it
With lots to see and do
Look at me, look at me -
That little baby is looking at me!
Look at me, look at me -
That baby's mother is looking at me!

It's funny how that mother
Looks so much like mine
And that silly baby
Mocks me all the time!

Look at me, look at me -
That little baby is looking at me!
Look at me, look at me -
That baby's mother is looking at me!

There's a mammy in the mirror
Smiling big and wide
And every time I turn around
My mammy's at my side

Look at me, look at me -
That little baby is looking at me!
Look at me, look at me -
That baby's mother is looking at me!

The baby in the dining room
Is held up by her mum
And the baby in the lift at Boots
Is sitting on her bum

Look at me, look at me -
That little baby is looking at me!
Look at me, look at me -
That baby's mother is looking at me!

We play at peek-a-boo. Boo!
And when I laugh she laughs
So we share a sense of humour
But I'm her cuter half.
I'm going that way
With my bottom waving free
I've got the nappy off at last
You can't catch me!

I'm going that way
There's something bright to see
I think it might be breakable
You can't catch me!

I'm going that way
I need to do a wee
This carpet's nice and comfterble
You can't catch me!

I'm going that way
You can only see my feet
There's freedom 'round the corner -
You can't catch me!
I need a little time to be alone, Mum;
I'd like perhaps an hour to myself.
You'll understand it better when you're grown, Mum -
I want to know what's on the highest shelf!

Privacy's important to a child, Mum,
We need it to ensure development
Of self-control and confidence and pride, Mum -
So's we can hide the stain, the break, the dent.

I'm going to tie my laces without aid, Mum,
And button all the buttons on my shirt,
And when I've eaten all my food and played, Mum,
I'm going on alone to smear some dirt.

Independence is essential, don't you know, Mum,
So that we can strike out on our own
And I think it's time for us to up and go, Mum -
Because I can't change this nappy all alone.
Come here, pussycat, I want to explore you.
Come here, kittycat, don't creep away!
Come here, pussycat, I really adore you -
And I bet I can get both your eyes out today.

Come here, pussycat, your fur is so stroky.
Come here, kittycat, so I can get a good grip.
Come here, pussycat, your tummy's so pokey -
Ooh, when you run away, your fur starts to rip!

Come BACK, pussyCAT, I LOVE you, I LOVE you!
Come BACK, kittyCAT I just want to PLAY!
Come BACK, pussyCAT, I think you're GORGEOUS -
Mama, the pussy cat done run AWAY!

Bah, humbug

Nov. 9th, 2004 11:13 pm
It's really very boring being six months old
You don't do what you want, you have to do what you're told
They strip you and they dress you and they stick you in a pram
And they don't let you practice standing even though you know you can
And they take away the good toys and only let you have the soft
And they won't let you see what's hidden in the loft
And they're forever changing nappies though they're surely all the same
And they can't even decide on a single sappy name.

- Love, Babalove Boo Honeybear Munchkin Snugglebun Cuddlemonster Godzilla
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